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My Dog Skip, Photography,
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Update! Skip went to Draxen Farm to see if he had the aptitude for
Sheep Herding
Click here for Pictures of Other Dogs at Draxen.


Skip is my Border Collie mix, whom I rescued from the Okeechobee dog pound, in 2010.
Born on December 24, 2008, he was one and a half years old when I found him and he had been terribly abused and neglected.

Although he came from an abusive environment, it was the only life he knew and his surrender meant abandonment.
At the time he was surrendered he was with his brother, Bear, but, Bear was more resilient and a lot less reserved when it came to meeting with strangers
When the two were evaluated by the Humane Society of Broward county, the society said Skip was too timid to be placed in any home,
so, they took Bear to put up for adoption and left Skip to be euthanized, when his time expired at the pound. (That will be an article for a later time.)
After being at the pound for a week Bear was taken and Skip was left alone and began to suffer from abandonment, as well.
(Although the Okeechobee staff was excellent at trying to help him through his "issues"),
his sensitive personality was still effected, he became even more withdrawn in the five weeks he spent there, until the day I showed up.

Now, Skip is a healthy well adjusted, highly trained dog with a life that all dogs should experience.

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